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The Continuous Beam
beam by James J. Lemon Graphics
© All Rights Reserved.
Free Software
download beamPPC v.2, mac OS 7.x-9.x PowerPC executable.
The download: It's a *.sit (Aladdin Stuffit) archive containing:
1) beamPPC executable (MacOS7.x-9.x)
At startup, the window loooks something like this:
Add, Move or Delete Loads
Click above the beam to add a load. Click on the load and drag to move it. Drag it off the beam to reset loads.
Purple is for Shear
Green is for Moment
Red is for Deflection
Yellow is for Rotation in milliradians

Change the Supports
Click below the beam to change the type of support.

Delete Members
Click on the small white square in the upper left of the member to delete it.

Redefine Members
Click on the red E to edit a member's parameters