James J Lemon Graphics
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I'm still learning... sorry if these are still a bit insipid, but they are small and fast to download.

1.2MB dandelion
1.4MB turbonaut
996KB bentplane
128KB crucible
880KB eyemov5
452KB open door
408KB door pick
400KB nosong000
480KB fader
30KB snow
700-800KB walk forever 1 | 7 | 8
29KB Flock003
760KB FlowerExpo
4MB tux

1.4MB boat hull
13MB waveland
1MB waTor
15.7MB turbonaut 3
3.26MB turbonaut
39MB turbonaut
various sizes and codecs endless cruise
gif Movies!
ball o balls plain hooped
ball roll white black
long 1 movie small side view large
long 2 movie small large
long 3 movie small large
spinlabel cylinder 20 21 22