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Here, the viewer provides the animation. All are in QuickTime VR's "Single Node Movie" .mov or .snm format.
You may need to install the free QuickTime Player to view them.
These take extra long to render(2), but I really like the animated results. You get the feeling of being inside the geometry instead of looking at it from outside in a still image. Although not yet attempted, it would seem a simple extension to generate left and right eye views for a really 3D experience with goggles.
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Made with
DAZ Bryce
Apple QTVR Make Panorama
... and
Apple QTVR Make Cubic
About QTVR Panoramas and How to make Panoramas with Bryce

(1) I Originally, I found mine on the Bryce 2 Accessory Kit CD, and later found more and newer tools at the Apple QTVR Developer site.
Later obtained QTVR Authoring Studio 1.0, a big disappointment.
Waited two years until the advent of "Cubic Converter".
(2) One required over 120 hours on a 500 MHz PowerBook

sample flat panorama

It's (EST)
UNIX 1720962794