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Welcome to the new Downloads page. It's far easier to update!

You can use these to generate elaborate 3d models without much geometry. Browse individual files with the catalog or download en suite. You may need the free Aladdin Stuffit Expander (tm) to uncompress the download. Keep watching this spot, as I will be adding many new toys for your collection.
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Shape of a lead shingled roof.
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teardrop shape
The shape is very useful!
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Metal Panel
It all started with a photo of some metal and a rivet.

More ready-to-use terrain patterns, all based on a smooth hemisphere.

Wall-to-Wall Walls
Lots of bricks and walls, ready to become terrains and lattices in 3D applications.

to Combine

Willie's Hut
A Whimsical House for Willie Richardson
(Minimal textures to minimize download size)
10MB zip

Twisted Beams
I wish I had made these a long time ago!
1.5MB zip

Material textures: Refractory: Tile
Apply to a cube or other object. Set the texture mapping to taste.
0.292MB sit

Material textures: Refractory: Brick
San Francisco
0.428MB sit

Lattice Patterns: Grill: Middle East
Apply to a 1024 "symmetrical lattice" object or a "terrain object" Black is to be"transparent" Apply a metallic or an other material, have fun!
2.2MB sit

Lattice Patterns: Grill: Southern Europe
2.1MB sit

Monaco Lamp
Here is a Monaco lamp, have fun!
4.6MB zip