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Zia Oboodiayat Special Needs Children's Center Foundation
All these poems are from Zia Oboodiyat, a friend of many years. Together, we have made some great spacecraft, and had many long talks in the process.
Zia asked me to contribute to a foundation he's establishing. It sounds wonderful for anyone, but especially if you happen to have special needs, for instance, Cerebral Palsy, as does his son.
A place with a pool and library, since special needs kids might feel confined without it.
Zia writes, and I draw. He gave me permission to have some fun combining his poetry with my images. This book and mini-site is the result.
We hope to expand this page into a full self-sustaining site soon. Please stay tuned.
Dedicated to the new (Zia Oboodiyat) Special Needs Children's Center Foundation, SNCCF

Is Life a Dream? Images from The book
Treasures Within Images from The book
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