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In spare time, I write applications for the Macintosh PowerPC. I hesitate to post them, but I would consider sharing them as is, if you ask real nice, via email. Peruse the documentation and if it looks interesting, reply to the address on the home page.
Capsule Descriptions
Quasi-random string rewriting. Given a template and dictionary, elaborates and produces an arbitrary number of copies of the template with quasi-random substitutions.
The Continuous beam. Demonstration of Structural Engineering 101, my major. You do get to specify beams and place loads, and really quickly see deflection, rotation, moment, and shear forces. You don't get a full FEM program like NASTRAN. Don't expect too much and you'll be pretty happy.
Finite automaton which explores the screen space with colors and fonts.
Finite automata (on a Toroid of water space). Three species compete for domination which may entail destroying one or more of the other species. Plankton can only "bud" and fills up water, but is eaten by "fish" and "sharks" which swim and breed in open water. Fish eat plankton, in fact requiring it to survive. Sharks eat fish and require a meal to survive, too. The world is a toroid of usable water and inert rock.
Surfaces, or functions of two dimensions.
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