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Fonts and Colors
>JimboLand by James J. Lemon Graphics
©2005 All Rights Reserved.

Free Software
download jimboLandPPC, mac OS 7.x-9.x PowerPC executable.
The download: It's a *.sit (Aladdin Stuffit) archive containing:
1) jimboLandPPC executable (MacOS7.x-9.x PowerPC)

At startup, the window loooks something like this:
The cells are painted in a quasi-random placement and the color is quazi-randomized according to the ColorSpeed setting.
The maximum size is limited to the cell size setting.
By default text mode is off. Switch to text mode to display a random selection of fonts, or use the font menu to display a single one:
By default, the cell (and text) size is very small, 8 pixels.
Make the cell size larger and the text will expand in proportion.
Select a font from the font menu and it will not change until random fonts are selected from the menu.