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text Rewriting & Macro Expansion
Prose by James J. Lemon Graphics
©2005 All Rights Reserved.

Free Software
download prosePPC v.2, mac OS 7.x-9.x PowerPC executable.
The download: It's a *.sit (Aladdin Stuffit) archive containing:
1) prose v.2 executable (MacOS7.x-9.x)
2) input files
Just expand and run, if you like it, please send an email to admin@jjlg.com.

Prose is a program to generate quasi-random text.
Similar to a mail-list merge, tokens of a pattern are rewritten with tokens from a dictionary. Prose reads the two files and thenany number of randomly-generated variations can be created and saved.
Dear [recipient]:
[person] Jim Lemon
[person] Bozo
[person] Dracula
[person] Keropi
[person] George Washington
[person] Godzilla
[person] that "Nerd" down the hall
[person] His Highest Uncertainty
[person] "the Wizard"
[person] "the Boss"
[person] "the Committee"
[person] "the Board"
[person] "the Group"
[sender] [person]
[recipient] [person]
[host] [person]
[sentence] I am enjoying my visit at [person]'s [house], but it is [status].
[sentence] What is it like at [host]'s house?
[sentence] What is it like at [place]?
[paragraph] [sentence] [sentence] [sentence] [sentence]
[paragraph] [sentence] [sentence] [sentence]
[paragraph] [sentence] [sentence]
[paragraph] [sentence]
[salut] Regards
[salut] Thinking of You
[salut] Good Luck
[salut] Good Riddance
[salut] Good-bye Forever
Dear Jim Lemon:
We are going to that "Nerd" down the hall's vicinity.
What is it like at Inner invoovia?
Is the withered house still working poorly?
Is the slightly less Boris Yeltsin ever doing really well?
What is it like at Senator Bob Smith's house?
What is it like at "the Board"'s house? Things at our land are married with kids, and it's all because of you!
We are going to "the Boss"'s land.
Things at our house are just fine, thank you, and it's all because of you!
Regards, signed,
"the Wizard"