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The whole train "set" with an engine and six cars.
Amos is my nephew [ed.] These were made for holiday gifts, and he received a set of an Engine with six Cars, where each Car was different: passenger models as well as freight models, some tank cars and even a flat car. It was fun to make the faces of the boxes so that no matter how they were viewed, they were "correct", even from the top or the bottom.
Finished Train Engine Box
Finished Train Freight Car Box (I like to call it a "boxcar", of course).
Train was made as a collection of boxes 3.0" x 2.25" x 4.5" and another collection half that size.
The larger size train engine was double-length (9.0") and required a roll-fed banner sheet of 24" length.
Pattern for Train Freight Car for cut-sheet 13" x 19"