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Space Noise

But, you can't record sounds in space, you crazy?
Nevertheless, it is presented here!
The firings reverberate through the structure and get picked up by the accelerometers. These are read and telemetered at 300 Hz., picked up and sent to Intelsat, and converted to speaker voltages... Courtesy of a stripchart recorder that had analog outputs and Andrew Lopatin who made an amp from Radio Shack parts and supplied a ape recorder and the tape! Such a nice guy. Of course, with such a setup it's possible to pick up sounds from the entire room!
But, I didn't have any awy to digitize it.
years later ...
My friend Thomas Harris from Loral still had a cassette tape player, and kindly offered to record these sounds as a giant WAV file of 500MB! From that file, these were chopped out and converted to MP3s of much shorter duration.
The Intelsat 603 ReBoost, May 1992
"In 1992, Intelsat and NASA collaborated on an historical and successful space mission to retrieve and reboost the Intelsat 603 satellite, stranded after a failed launch in 1990."
[Cox Report]
[Ed.: Interesting, our government leaders. Hmmm. In France, to collaborate
is not necessarily preferred and has bad connotations from the World Wars.
Perhaps if he had said cooperate instead, it just might be better. ]
Read The Shuttlenauts Make a Great Catch Time, May 25 1992
As of this writing in June 2006, it's still in service
after 14 or 16 years depending on how you look at it,
operated by SES NewSkies, but that's another story.
Some of the steps leading up to ejection of the Perigee Kick Motor (PKM) attached by the NASA Space Shuttle Endeavour crew of STS-49
Most of us are really pooped! It's been a long two years, two weeks, a long two days...
After separation from the Shuttle and ignition of the PKM, it's time to eject it.
First, we have to Re-orient to the right separation attitude.
The quickest way is to use the biggest motor, the LAM!
Then we send the commands to separate.
The separation happens. A round of applause and giddy chuckles ricochet about when it's done.