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plein air

fisheye lens

traditional media

such as pencil, pen and ink, oil, felt tip, charcoal, woodcut, etc. with a new twist



posters, shirts logos and other swag

articles, stories and other written items

stone carving



robots for fun

abstract shapes surfaces and textures

maps ...an enduring passion

software (for the mac)

downloads for your favorite 3D software

Poetry by Zia Oboodiyat

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08 Sep 2003


Government Warning

This site contains some images and QTVR animations which are er, uhh, rather large! Also tiny ones, like this! it may take a long time to download it all. You might want to get a light snack and a beverage before proceeding!


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Renderosity gallery

Artist "lemonjim"

A great resource!

Burgeoning with tips and tricks, the community is active and vocal. Wide range of imagery of all types.

Here I upload still images, mainly to the Bryce gallery but also occasionally to the 2D gallery and the Photography gallery. Images are kept on site and limited to 500KB. I can receive comments and rankings from any of the other members. There I have a great many examples, and the newest can often be found there.

Look for the symbol in the new page

Bryce Forum gallery

Artist "Jim Lemon"

Fun and easy to browse, collects high quality images, a great summary of the best Bryce works.

This is purely Bryce. A jury panel must select images for the select gallery. No images are actually kept onsite (just URL links to images elsewhere). It lags a month or so behind the other galleries, but I am very proud to have an image selected there, they have great jurors.

Look for the symbol in the new page


Digital Artworks the Feri's ProFiles

I was very surprised and honored to be featured in this gallery. It's full of my favorite online artists! The curator is one of the very best, nitro115 (Ferenc J. Haraszti)

Flaming Pear Gallery: Too Hard 2: Flood
Daniel Pelavin's Robots
Ted Franks' Robots of Mars
Favorite Links