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Don't be fooled! Note the map below is insensitive, just showing the relationship between the views included in the multi-node panorama.

village setup3
They have painted the interior of the Duomo
The finished box

"Village detail 2" updownroom.043
The Italianate Villa
View of the whole Village
Can you find these images elsewhere?
The first goal is combining geometry from above, placing the camera at different spots and refining the viewpoint and layout. Later I want to insert reflections and fake "reflection" geometry.
The whole Village from a bird's eye.
The Office or 'Uffizi'
"Village detail 1" updownroom.043

pano 1
bldg.n024 cubic
Inside surface of the Duomo

pano 2
This image took so long to render I started to keep track and try to predict when it would end. It was about 6 days with the last four to do the anti-aliasing. I had time to refer to the Bryce 5 manual to discover their hints to speed up rendering.
Turns out I violated just about all of them, so I am satisfied with this one, for now! Note that the water in the dome contains a submerged light source and has a very ripply surface. There are very faint and elegant caustics on the inside ceiling of the dome.
Other facts:
  • 42.6MB model file: 202,000 polygons in 8 large groups, 200 light sources throughout, including underwater, 10 trees, Reflective water infinite plane
  • Size: 1872 x 576 pixels (1.5 times default QTVR size)
  • 100 hours to render full panorama, over 1.4 quadrillion ray intersection tests
Typical Render Report

pano 3
Here we collect all of the panoramas of the village.

This is an easy way to navigate between panoramas (yellow) and images (blue).
On the next page I have made a linked panorama with hot spots, but it does not link to everything just yet (2002.Mar.14)

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