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Multi-Replicate A Tapering Helix!

Fern plant made with a helix of lattices
Uncanny, how often I'll come across the need for a helical arrangement of shapes. Maybe I'm just partial to the whole idea, but nature seems to use them alot, they are all around us every day. It might be a spiral staircase, some DNA, a cactus or a fern plant.
The best part is that Bryce makes it pretty easy to whip up a helix of almost anything.
•Make a cube, and scale if desired.
•Go to top view.(1)
(2) •Edit->Multireplicate. To make a helix,
Set Quantity (n), Y and Z offsets and a Z rotation.
(usually, I use 360/n)
To make a taper, set Size to something
less than 100% (try 90-95%).
From the top, the result should look something like (3).
I think this next step is the real power of Bryce.
•Select Object Space (4)
•Apply rotation, scale and translation to all the copies at once.
Group and repeat
Ungroup and repeat
Compare and contrast! (5)
And so on and on and on.