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A magazine for the True Telemetry Enthusiast, Vol. 1, Issue 1, Oct 1993.
A difficult and complex collaboration. Hats off! We made lots of products including posters, greeting cards, mouse pads and 25 personalized posters with pictures of each of the team members. The Alcatel logo was subsequently removed.
Unofficial, experimental poster.
This was Tempo-2, and has been renamed DirecTV-6. Still flying. This was the first of two posters for SS/L. The earth was a 3D model, best I could do. I enjoyed doing the type treatments such as punch-through, outline and glows. This was PhotoShop 2.5, mind you!
The accompanying trinkets
Still flying 10 May 2001, a good satellite. Second of a series of collaborations with the launch team. This poster was based on the idea of transporting the launch base to downtown Moscow for the illustrious proceedings. Silly idea but a great image. The rendering was based on a digital composite of the images of the launch pad and Red Square. The only cyrillic font I could find was Greek, but whew, none of those really strange characters were required to spell "proton". I guess the russian-speaking members of the team really liked them and we made cups and shirts as well.
The accompanying trinkets
Hats off! Thanks to the Optus-C1 Team!
PanAmSat-6 and -7. 6 was de-orbited and 7 is still working.
It is a dog, because of Sirius, the Dog Star, which broadcasts... rock & roll to 50s cars with funny antannae.
Unofficial, experimental poster.
Again a dog, because of Sirius, the Dog Star, which broadcasts... country music to truck drivers. We celebrate the launch our own way.
Unofficial, experimental poster.
Again a dog, three in fact, baying. We celebrate the launch our own way again. It was day for us but night in Kazakhstan.
Unofficial, experimental poster.
Middle panel of a three-panel set. 6'-0" tall x 3'-0" wide, each. Notes: We made lots of products including posters, proceedings covers, binder covers with spines, bookmarks, magnets. The conference used about ten files all coordinated with the embossed wood type lettering and wood background to support an updated western theme of course featuring that highest-of high-tech gadgets, the geosynchronous satellite. The conference was fun. If you are buying and using these, you were there. Really a nice affair at a local hotel - I attended, not necessarily because of the posters, but because of my regular job, so I got a copy of the proceedings to boot. Those are cacti I made with Bryce.
Lots of copies of this. 24"x36"? Printed with six inks including two varnishes.
Want One?
No kidding, it really is fun. We celebrate.
This was Tempo-1, and has been renamed DirecTV-5. Launched from Baikonur in 2002.
The accompanying trinkets
The accompanying poster.
The accompanying poster.
The accompanying poster.