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top 1.spring so fine

top 2.-minuSphere

top 3.cubecon chest

top ball

top chair

top 6. cube vase

top 7. < _foo | _bar />

top 8. tent006f
Flat panorama and QTVR

top 9. spirals

top 10. cube dual

top 11. cube pucker

top 12. cube vase

top 13. dodeca wire

top 14. dodeca what

top 15. cube joining

top 16. cube bottle

top 17. post-desserts
French Laundry

top 18. out and about

top 19. chilling pad residence

top 20. furnits

top 21. domed

top 22. rumpled

top 23. mxm test

top 24. mxm test

top 25. topology tours

top 26. cube 2 stories

top 27. cube ufo

Bottom right is a section,
removing one quarter of the ufo to see inside.
Note the thrust cone.

top 28. dodeca warp

top 29. soccer balls

top 30. cube thick

top 31. cube tree

top 32. 2009 calendar

top 33. unequal cube

top 34. canyon bedroom

top 35. Wattle & Snood

A pub for tom turkeys.
It's the day after Thanksgiving,
and the place is a bit empty.
But not to worry,
they'll be back next year.

top 36. cube basket

37.Older Issues of New
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