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top 1. domed

top 2. rumpled

top 3. mxm test

top 4. mxm test

top 5. topology tours

top 6. cube 2 stories

top 7. cube ufo

Bottom right is a section,
removing one quarter of the ufo to see inside.
Note the thrust cone.

top 8. dodeca warp

top 9. soccer balls

top 10. cube thick

top 11. cube tree

top 12. 2009 calendar

top 13. unequal cube

top 14. canyon bedroom

top 15. Wattle & Snood

A pub for tom turkeys.
It's the day after Thanksgiving,
and the place is a bit empty.
But not to worry,
they'll be back next year.

top 16. cube basket

top 17. cube tangle • cube open • fly eye • ruby lip • jade watermelon

top 18. top mods
lo-res 2MB on left, hi-res 35MB on right.

top 19. bivalves
& goats

top 20. cube 3seg

top 21. cube longer

top 22. cube knee

top 23. carv house

top 24. cubegg

top 25. Chocolate Punkin

top 26. Mantua

top 27. Bologna

top 28. San Vigilio

top 29. Dolomites

top 30. Trento

top 31. Bolzano

top 32. Verona

top 33. British Museum

top 34. London

top 35. cube

top 36. brick

top 37. goggle eye
a diving helmet
a planetarium
an RF modulator

top 38. flower shady

top 39. cube pinch

top 40. cube channels

top 41. cube zing

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