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Worlds That Never Existed
This year, I decided to make an unusual holidays gift, one for everyone on my list. I knew of a print shop in town that has the very cool HP Indigo Digital Offset Press. It really did a wonderful job, two-sided full color on nice opaque 80lb gloss inside, and 100lb gloss for the covers.
I started collecting images in November and by December I had InDesign working well. The final print and perfect-binding was finished just in the nick of time!
I learned alot, and at the end I had a tangible result. It fueled my desire and my belief that this is something I'd like to pursue later. It's filed with the rest of my magazines.
6.4 MB PDF file v.008

The version printed was a 265MB "Press" PDF export burned on a CD with all the appropriate bleeds, crop marks and such.
This version was exported with the "Web" preset, and contains a few corrections which were pointed up by my mother.